Potomac Vintage Riders
Leading the US Mid-Atlantic region

Potomac Vintage Riders sponsors the MAVT / Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials series.  


Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials Series is fashioned after Observed Trials of the 1970's and early 1980's before the implementation of rules allowing a rider to stop and set up before attempting the more difficult obstacles. With riders needing to maintain forward motion, it is somewhat easier to challenge them without using "extreme" obstacles.

The object of “Observed Trials” is to ride through specified sections on your skill "line", without setting your feet down, riding out-of-bounds, or stopping. These sections are generally laid out in wooded areas and use the natural terrain to form different obstacles used to test the rider’s balance and throttle control. The sections are placed along a trail which forms a loop. There may be eight to twelve or more “observed sections” along the loop which is ridden several times, giving the rider new chances to attempt each section. A set number of loops ridden is announced at the beginning of the Trial, as well as the “finish time”.

"NEW" GATE TRIALS.... While Gate Trials are similar to the observed trials most of us are used to, with the same loop and similar sections, there are several notable differences. Rather than riders trying to keep a low score by not footing, crashing, etc... in a Gate Trial riders try to accumulate points by negotiating obstacles without 'footing', designated by "gates" having a point value of one or two. There are no designated lines to ride. Riders decide what portions of the section to ride and which obstacles within the section to attempt. They earn the value of each gate they can get themselves and their entire motorcycle through without footing. Once they foot or stop for too long or crash (you get the idea) they lose the ability to earn any more points in that section, but they do not lose the points gained before that. Sections and loop are ridden in the same manner as other trials, following the loop and riding each section just once per loop. In Gate Trials there will be eight sections and four loops. Riders will get four hours to complete the sections, but they may choose to stop at any time. If you don't finish all the sections, it does not matter. When the event is over, scores, whether from a few sections or all the sections, will be added together for your final score.


APRIL 18 - Candytown MC, Elizabethtown PA

MAY 1 - White Rose MC, Spring Grove, PA

TBD - More dates coming soon





JUNE 27 - Taylorsville, MD


Taylorsville, MD

More dates coming soon