Potomac Vintage Riders
of the US Mid-Atlantic region

Potomac Vintage Riders sponsors both the AHRMA Mid-Atlantic region MX series & the American Classic Racing -ACR Motocross series (see below)

AHRMA's mission is to preserve a particular time in the history of the sport of motocross.

AHRMA Motocross is dedicated to preserving these machines, the sights and sounds, the racetracks and the riding techniques and strategies of this bygone era. The rules are carefully crafted to make sure these machines will never become obsolete again.

Most Mid-Atlantic venues race on vintage friendly grass-tracks and some old school MX tracks with jumps appropriate for short travel vintage bikes. Rules and bike classes are per AHRMA Handbook sections 11 and 12. PVR- AHRMA Mid Atlantic MX Series... The MX events are mostly run in tandem with the XC events/ locations with the goal of increased attendance and cross-over participation. Points for MX & XC series are tallied separately. You must race "50% of the events plus one" to qualify for year-end awards. Ex.) If MX series is 11 events then 50% plus 1 equals 6 MX events to qualify.


For AHRMA MX information contact Dave Kutskel at dkutskel@yahoo.com 

or 1-814-421-1140 call/text

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American Classic Racing (ACR) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the sport of vintage motocross. We conduct vintage motocross amateur racing events in the Northeastern and Mid Atlantic regions of the United States.

Our goal is to keep vintage racing alive by providing racing events for riders of all ages and abilities, and bikes- vintage to present day.

The ACR MX Series races
at well established and historic MX venues.

Contact- Mikey Piescki: call/text 845-270-8501 or email: info@acrmx.com 
Or see Mikey at the track: mikiep, ACR #798
Additional ACR Motocross information: 
Contact- Fred Guidi:  fredguidi@gmail.com or call/text 304-559-4559