Potomac Vintage Riders
Leading the US Mid-Atlantic region

Potomac Vintage Riders sponsors the 10 round AHRMA Mid-Atlantic region Vintage and Post Vintage Cross Country series. Vintage is for bikes built before 1975 and Post-Vintage is for bikes built from 1975 – 1988. There are Support classes up to 1999. See race flyers at  www.ahrmaMA.org for more specifics on bike eligibility as brake type, suspension travel and bike year all play into it.

All classes are further divided into Expert, Intermediate and Novice rider categories. Courses are usually 3.5 – 5.0 miles long and offer a wide range of trail conditions from woods single track, grass track and two-track logging/fire roads. Rider age for most classes is 16 to 49. 

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    OVERALL Vintage Champion
    OVERALL Post-Vintage Champion

> Best 6 “overall” placement scores count, regardless of individual Class entered.

Example: At the end of the year, a rider may not have finished in one Class with 6 scores…so no year-end individual Class award earned. However, this rider does have 4 high “overall” placings in PV 200 Expert and 4 high “overall” placings in PV Open Expert. The best 6 of those placings will count towards the Post-Vintage Overall Champion award.

> Pre-Modern, Early Modern and Pre-Millennium class placements are removed from Post-Vintage Overall Champion tabulation.

> Race times will be computer adjusted in Moto-tally as needed per start row time differential to insure overall placement accuracy.

> How scoring works:
Best 6 “overall” placings count. 1 point for an “overall” win, 2 points for a second “overall”, etc. Lowest point total wins.
Example:6 overall race wins = 6 points (a perfect score!)
3 overall wins (3 pts.), 2 seconds (4), 1 third (3) = 10 points
4 overall wins (4), 1 third (3), 1 fourth (4) = 11 points

> Tiebreakers:
Greater number of wins, higher placements, etc.
If exact tie then older rider.

In addition, there are Age classes for those 50+, 60+ and 70+ in Vintage and Post-Vintage categories. Entrants must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

For cross country, bike displacement classes are 88 to 200cc and 201cc+ Open. All races are 1 hour plus a lap on the leader. Vintage race starts in the morning (including all Novices regardless of bike). Early afternoon, the Post-Vintage/Support racers have their race. The benefit of this is it allows you to bring a bike for each race for maximum seat time!

Contact Dave Kutskel for XC series information at dkutskel@yahoo.com or

1-814-421-1140 call/text

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XC Race flyers and race results go to: www.ahrmaMA.org

*NOTE:  Due to shortened '20 series (9 rounds), Best
5 placings will count!
(*See note at right)
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